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BENTISM Smoking Gun Accessory Glass Cloche Dome Cover for Smoke Infuser Wood Base

BENTISM Smoking Gun Accessory Glass Cloche Dome Cover for Smoke Infuser Wood Base

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LED Cloche: This smoking cloche boasts rainbow LED lights which creates a unique visual effect while smoking your drinks. Step into a world of sensory delight as LED lights cast a captivating glow over your creations. setting the stage for an unforgettable dining spectacle. For your convenience. three AAA batteries are included. Reliable Glass & Optimum Size: Thick glass is adopted by this smoke infusion accessory encasing your culinary delights. providing a clear view of the smoky transformation within. The size of the enclosure is ideal for versatile use. accommodating various types of glassware and dishes to meet your requirements. Exquisite Details: Our glass smoke cloche has a portable knob that ensures effortless handling. while the wooden LED base adds a touch of natural allure. The sealing rubber port ensures a secure closure. locking in flavors and aromas for a perfect smoky infusion. Various Application: Surprise your friends and loved ones with a gift they'll cherish. a stunning addition to their home decor. or a mesmerizing centerpiece at your next party. The glass dome cover caters to all your culinary creations. whether it's cocktails. appetizers. desserts. or main courses. A Breeze to Operate: Our smoking cloche dome cover is a necessary accessory for your cocktail smoker. From the preparation of your food to the presentation under the cloche. the steps are simple. yet the results are extraordinary.

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